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Personalized styling at scale

Transforming the online shopping experience for fashion retail customers

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Breakthrough: a unique AI model for personal recommendations in online shopping. No data needed.

Stylee is a first mover using advanced image AI functionalities to help customers find clothes that fit their personal style (not what others have bought or similar items) and help retailers improve their conversion rates as well as lower the return rates.

1 AI-model.
3 Saas products.

Stylee can provide a range of products for increased personalization for customers - and higher revenue for retailers. Also suitable for circular retailers and very easy to plugin to your platform

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We created Stylee because no one else has. We think everyone should have access to personal styling.

Customer acquisition and the checkout/last mile have undergone significant changes - but the actual shopping journey has not. This despite of the facts that:

  • The customer satisfaction is low
  • It's a tough e-com market
  • We're facing a technology revolution

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